Functionality Meets Flawless Design

The most important factor after perfect cooking has always been hassle-free use. We looked at many different existing outdoor ovens before deciding we needed to design our own. Our exhaustive research and testing highlighted many issues that we needed to solve for the Firepod.

Most existing pizza ovens take anywhere from twenty minutes to a couple of hours to be ready for the first pizza to go in. We wanted it ready by the time we had our first pizza prepared, so we set a maximum time of 10 minutes.

The main reason we can’t cook perfect pizza at home is that our standard kitchen ovens don’t reach the high temperatures needed. Fresh pizzas cook best at about 600ºF so the Firepod had to reach that easily.

Ovens with an opening that couldn’t be closed caused two problems – uneven cooking or the fire getting blown out before cooking was complete. We added a simple flap to close the Firepod when in use. This is also handy to keep your food warm when the Firepod is turned off.

One of the most annoying problems we came across in other ovens was that if cheese, grease or food accidentally found its way on the hot stones, the pizza could stick to the stone. Inevitably, trying to get it out, we would crease the pizza with the peel and push it off the back of the stone. This all makes the oven useless until it cools. We included a stopper at the back of the stone, positioned so the peel can slide under it, but the pizza won’t slide off. We also made sure the lid could easily be lifted off, even when hot, to get at the stone and scrape it clean.

We soon realized that the Firepod needed to do more than cook great pizza, so we designed a reversible griddle, ridged on one side and flat like a skillet on the other, and a lava rock cooking stone; all of which can be fit right into the Firepod base.

We wanted something that was quick to set up and easy to use year-round. Propane was the obvious choice. The Firepod can be used with one-pound camping canisters with an adapter.

The Look

Red Firepod
Aubergine Firepod
Black Firepod
Aqua Firepod
Red Firepod Tall
Aubergine Firepod Tall
Black Firepod Tall
Aqua Firepod Tall

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