One Oven - Multiple Uses

The main reason for designing the Firepod was to bring the ability to cook perfect pizza to everyone at an affordable price. During the research and development phase, we realized that we also wanted the Firepod to be portable and multi-functional, to increase its appeal and usefulness.

1. Pizza Oven

Cook authentic fresh pizzas on our custom pizza stones. Oven heats up quickly and cooks pizza in 4 minutes.

red firepod
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2. Lava Rock Cooking

Swap the pizza stone for the lava stone. Heat it up and take to your table on our specially design board.

Hot Lava Stone
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3. Reversible Griddle/Skillet

Use the reversible griddle as a BBQ or outdoor fry pan. Easily switch from griddle to skillet with the stainless steel handles.

Firepod Griddle
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1. Pizza Oven

With the pizza stones in place and the lid on, the Firepod is a perfect pizza oven. It is very quick to reach the perfect pizza cooking temperature and takes only a few minutes to cook your pizza.

Enjoy fresh, authentic pizza anywhere.

Pizza Stone
Firepod Pizza Peel

2. Hot Lava Stone Cooking

Simply replace the pizza stones with our lava stone, put the top back on and turn the gas on to heat it up. When the stone is hot, turn the gas off and cook on the stone right in the Firepod or place on the special board to take to your table for cooking.

Cooking on lava rock cooking stones is actually one of the oldest cooking methods known to man and is a stylish and healthy way to cook on the Firepod.

Lava Stone For the Firepod
Stone For the Firepod

3. Traditional BBQ Grill with Griddle / Skillet

The reversible griddle / skillet rounds out the functionality of this outdoor cooker. Boil a pot of water for your morning coffee, cook some pancakes and bacon and eggs for breakfast. Flip it over and cook burgers and dogs or steaks for lunch.

The stainless-steel handles on the griddle aid in flipping from one side to the other. A quick rinse and scrub and it’s ready for your next meal.

BBQ Griddle
Breakfast Skillet

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